Training Program for Campus Placement.
Best-in-class content by leading trainers & leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects.
Mode of Conduct for Online: Live Online using Google meet. In case we escape from a lockdown situation during the training period, classes will be conducted offline also optionally.

Duration Of Training


Benefits Of This Course

● Understanding of Campus Placement procedures
● Deep understanding of Programming concepts.
● All sessions will be purely practical based.
● Live doubt-solving sessions.
● Live session from industry experts
● Resume building Session
● Enroll students can repeat the course
● Placement required data

Content Overview

● C Programming Language
● C++ Programming Language
● Java Programming Language
● Data Structure
● Database Management System
● Pseudocodes solving

C Programming Language
Introduction to C and Application of C Pointers
C Program structure C Program structure Call by Value vs Call by reference
Variable and declaration rules for declaring a variable Structures in C
Data Types and Type Casting Union in C
Arrays Malloc and Calloc
Control Statement String in C
Functions Interview Questions

C++ Programming Language
Introduction to C++ and Application of C++ Inheritance
C++ Program structure Polymorphism
Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming Encapsulation and Abstraction
Storage Classes in C++ Friend Function
Object-Oriented Programming Exception Handling
Classes and Objects Interview Questions
Constructor and Destructor Many More...

Java Programming Language
Introduction to Java and Application of Java Inheritance(IS-A) and Aggregation(HAS-A)
Java Program structure Encapsulation and Abstraction
Features of Java Strings in Java
Object-Oriented Programmingth> Common Keywords: this,super, final etc
Classes and Objects Exception Handling
Constructor Interview Questions
Polymorphism (Method overloading and method overriding)

Data Structure
Array Trees
Linked List Graph Concepts
Stack Searching
1. Linear search
2. Binary search,
3. Time and space complexities
Queue Sorting
1. Bubble sort
2. Selection sort
3. Merge sort
4. Quick sort
5. Insertion sort
6. Time and space complexities
Database Management System
Introduction to DBMS Different Keys in DBMS
1. Super key
2. Candidate key
3. Primary key
4. Foreign key
5. Referential integrity
Introduction to SQL Data Definition Language
1. Create
2. Alter
3. Drop
Schema and Instances Data manipulation language
1. Insert
2. Select
3. Orderby
4. Groupby
5. having
ER Diagram ER Diagram Joins in DBMS
1. Natural Join
2. Full Outer Join
3. Left Outer Join
4. Right Outer Join
5. Equi Join
Normalization and dependencies Subqueries


Training Program for Campus Placement would be beneficial for Fresher Graduates / Fresher Post Graduates postgraduates who will be going to appear for campus placements.

Note :- Any branch student can opt this course.


DevC++ , My SQL , JDK , Sublime Text , Notepad++

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